Damascus, My First Kiss (2012)


a film by Lina Al Abed
A production of SakaDo Productions in association with Proaction Film
42min in HDCam, Stereo, Arabic with English subtitles.
Supported by Doha Film Institute

Acknowledgements: Doha International Film Festival, DokLeipzig, arte…



Asmaa’, the granddaughter of former Mufti of Syria, says “I wasn’t aware what marriage was, when I got married on the age of 16. When one of my girls menstruates, I celebrate the event… a full-blown celebration, I think that would alleviate her anxiety”. Lina, a Christian 48 year-old; and a daughter of a well-known liberal family, says “I still don’t know my body that well.” Questions and answers take us into the close details of how two outstanding women and the filmmaker understand their relationship with their bodies and the society. Thoughts and feelings, what it means to be a woman in Syria.