5 Seasons of Revolution (2022)


A Film by LINA
A Coproduction of No Nation Films GmbH and Piraya Film
Producers: Diana El Jeiroudi, Orwa Nyrabia and Torstein Grude
Supported by: AFAC, IBF, DFI, Sanad, IMS, HBS… a.o.
Germany, Norway, Syria, Qatar
100 min, 2K DCP 5.1


Lina’s plan was simple. She wanted to become a camerawoman. She liked filming details of life and people around her, mainly during a bright sunny day in Damascus. But with the uprising in Syria, Lina was slowly absorbed into documenting the impact on people’s lives. It didn’t take long before events escalated, and arrests, torture, and potentially life-threatening situations became a reality for Lina to negotiate on a daily basis. She had to adapt. She invented personas and aliases. They each helped her navigate life under a new norm. What was a simple plan, turned into a complex web of identities, which seemed then a small price in exchange for her liberty to continue to hold the camera.