Our most recent coproduction of Gianfranco Rosi’s film “Notturno” will be part of the main competition of the Venice International Film Festival. The film, coproduced in Germany by No Nation Films and Mizzi Stock Entertainment, is in partnership with Stemal Entertainment, 21 Productions and Les Films d’Ici. Following Venice, Notturno will play at Toronto International Film Festival as part of its highly selective, with only 50 films, program for the year.

Our contribution to the production was backed by Doha Film Institute and Medienboard Berlin Brandenburg. The film is also backed by Rai Cinema, the Italian Ministry of Culture, Cine Luce, Arte Cinema, CNC… a.o.

Notturno is the fruit of more than three years of work. Gianfranco Rosi spent circa. 2 years in the Middle East, namely in Iraq, Kurdistan, Syria and Lebanon, and he created a mesmerizing vision of a region on the verge of change… what type of change… is something to ponder. It is an epic visual magnum opus that does not explain itself and does not try to teach us about a complex history and a difficult geopolitical present, but rather takes us with all our humanity into a world where human beings are squashed in the middle of conflicts and leaves us there to discover how strong human will can be.

Notturno is represented in North America by Submarine and in the rest of the world by The Match Factory.